"Jay Glen has always been a go to person for us. We have 7 large pump stations, and numerous smaller stations, and we rely on Jay for all of our trouble shooting. With Jay I know he will find the problem repair it and have us back up and running. Jay has a vast knowledge of pump stations and irrigation systems his help has been invaluable." Mike Pigg
Parks Supervisor
City of Billings Parks Dept.
"It has been a pleasure to work with Jay Glen, Granite Peak Pump Service. Jay knows what he is doing, he plans ahead, shows up on time, takes care of business without supervision, returns calls promptly, and follows through on commitments. It doesn't get any better than that!" Jon Heselwood
Buffalo Hill Golf Course
Kalispell, MT
"I trust the "heart" of my golf course to Mr. Jay Glen at Granite Peak Pump Service. Jay is knowledgeable, reliable, honest, and personable. Jay has saved our irrigation pump station on more than one occasion, mostly by diagnosing weaknesses before they become huge, inconvenient issues. On the occasion we do have a crisis, Jay has gone out of his way to get us back up and running before the golf course turf suffers. Jay Glen owns his work and his word. I cannot put a price on that kind of service and integrity." Kurt Klonsinki, CGCS
Riverside Country Club
Bozeman, MT
"We here at the Cemetery have enjoyed working with Jay. He is knowledgeable, reliable , dependable and very professional. If he is not able to get to us right away then he is more than willing to try to help us solve the problem over the phone. He has been great at getting us the parts that are needed to fix problems or simply maintain. Jay is a wonderful person to work with." Kathy Slovernick
South Lincoln Special Cemetery District
Kemmerer, WY
"Jay has done all of our pump station preventative maintenance, repairs and upgrades for many years now. His knowledge of the equipment and responsiveness to our needs have been outstanding. " Peter Grass, CGCS
Hilands Golf Club
Billings, MT
"I have had to privilege of working with Jay Glen for the past 7 seasons at 2 golf courses. He has done all servicing needed to keep our pumps running at optimum levels. He is always available for trouble shooting and willing to travel to take care of anything you might need. Last season we decided to replace our 2 VFD units in our pump houses. Jay took care of the project in our off season and was there to help when we started up in the spring. I can honestly say I have never seen our irrigation system run so well. We used to deal with pumps shutting down on a weekly basis and last season we had zero issues with our system. I would highly recommend Jay and his services to any one with pump station issues. " Nick Marquesen
Missoula Country Club
Missoula, MT
"A few years back our District had a complete new sprinkler system installed for our High School and Middle School campus. This system included a Rainbird pump station that ran well for the most part. We had a failure and the service tech out of Denver said to give Jay a call because he was closer. Jay explained that he was unfamiliar with that particular setup but to give him all the particulars of the components and be at the pump station with an electrician the next day at a specific time and we would work through it over the phone. The next day we were running shortly after the phone was answered. He was the District's Pump Guy at that moment. Since that day we have taken two other systems and replaced them with a Granite Peak Pump Service design and have gone to more efficient pumps with better pressures. The days of pumping water and spending copious amounts of man hours and coming up with brown spots are behind us. Granite Peak Pump Service has a great product and it is the last word of its name, Service. " Bob Michaels
District Maintenance Supervisor
Washakie County School District No. 1
Worland, WY
"Jay's service is second to none. He has been there for us time and time again. When our pump station was flooded in June 2015, Jay made several special trips to get us back up and running as quickly as possible. I would recommend Granite Peak Pump Service to anyone who needs the most from their pumps all the time. " Jason Busch
Golf Course Superintendent
The Powder Horn Golf Club
Sheridan, WY